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When looking to buy a new car, certain aspects will determine which car would be an ideal option to suit your needs. If you have a family, it is recommended to buy a vehicle that offers enough space to accommodate everyone. It is also recommended to have enough storage space for when you take your family on a road trip to a holiday destination. South Africa does not offer many practical public transportation options, so many people use personal vehicles as daily drivers. Therefore, it is crucial to buy a new car that meets your daily requirements.

Introducing the Landwind, an exciting SUV that is perfect as a daily driver and a people carrier. The Landwind offers a practical approach to an SUV that can easily be used for a multitude of purposes. The drivetrain features a 4×2 configuration, with the available models being a 6-speed manual LUX, 8-speed automatic LUX, and 8-speed automatic Flagship. Today, we will delve into some detail about the Landwind, giving you the necessary information to make an informed decision when you buy a new car.

The Landwind 4×2

Starting with the heart of the Landwind, all three models are fitted with a 2-ℓ turbocharged petrol engine. The engine produces 140 kW at 5500 rpm, with a maximum torque rating of 250 N⋅m. The 6-speed manual model has a rated fuel consumption of 8,5 ℓ/100 km, while the automatic models are rated at 9,5 ℓ/100 km. The manual can reach 185 km/h top speeds while the automatic versions will exceed 170 km/h. With a 60-ℓ fuel tank, you can easily reach 500 to 600 km per tank before having to fill up.

When you buy a new car, a service plan and warranty will also play an important role in your choice. The Landwind comes with a 5-year or 100 000-km service plan, along with a 3-year or 100 000-km warranty. It is also covered by 24-hour roadside assistance for if something goes wrong while on the open road. A GPS, towbar, and side steps are all optional extras, along with a fully interactive touchscreen on the LUX models. The LUX models also feature ABS and EBD, while the Flagship also has electronic stability control as standard.

Landwind offers three options when looking to buy a new car. These models are ideal SUVs that can serve as daily drivers for the whole family. For more information on the Landwind models, feel free to browse our website and download the brochure on these vehicles.

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