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South Africans love their double-cab bakkies and SUVs, so many people drive these vehicles as daily drivers as well. In general, bakkies and SUVs are designed to deal with gravel roads and rough terrain and offer some off-road ability. Today, there is also a need for a typical high-riding SUV that foregoes all the often-unnecessary off-road and 4×4 hardware. Manufacturers have responded with the new generation of crossover SUVs that offer car-like handling but SUV-like ride height.

When you want to buy a luxury SUV, there are many options available today. There are a great many vehicle brands on sale in South Africa, with a remarkable number of them also manufacturing their vehicles locally instead of importing them. Yet, this seems to have done little to reduce the high local car prices. Luckily, Landwind provides an affordable option for people in love with luxury sports utility vehicles but who cannot stomach spending a fortune on one. Today, we will delve into details of the Landwind 5 SUV and how this vehicle can be a suitable option for you.

Landwind’s SUV Options

When we look at sports utility vehicles, their origins take us off-road. Vehicle manufacturers intended for these vehicles to have enough power, both on the road and off it, and the ability to meet its users’ lifestyle, sports, and utility needs. Hence, they designed a vehicle that sits high off the ground to deal with uneven and rough terrain. Chunky off-road tyres and wheels were fitted to cope with almost any terrain, as well has heavy 4×4 systems. A new approach sees the addition of luxury to these vehicles and a deletion of the heavy-duty 4×4 hardware, making them handle better on normal roads, yet still offer sufficient ground clearance on rough roads.

If you want to buy a Landwind 5 luxury SUV, you will have a choice between three models. These include the Lux manual and automatic and Flagship automatic models. These SUVs have 60-ℓ fuel tanks to ensure a long range between refills and 17-inch aluminium-alloy wheels that add to their smart looks. A 12-V power outlet in the boot is standard in all three models. Prices are eminently reasonable, making this vehicle affordable to people who could not previously buy a proper SUV.

The Landwind 5 offers a sensible approach to sports utility vehicles, offering affordable prices and offering better handling than a heavy-duty 4×4 SUV. For more information on these vehicles, feel free to browse our website for prices and specifications. Choose Landwind today and enjoy the freedom of having a luxury SUV as your daily driver.

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