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The Basics of SUVs

The motoring industry has been transformed thanks to environmental pressures and changing market tastes. EVs, or electric vehicles, are only one of the most recent examples. Another change was the approach to building sports utility vehicles. The original idea behind an SUV was to offer a vehicle for sale that can comfortably handle off-road terrain as well as serve as a daily driver and a family-oriented vehicle. Today, many SUVs are built to provide luxury and comfort more than off-road ability – they have become crossovers.

Looking at the variety of mid-sized, road-biased SUV vehicles for sale in South Africa, we find that most offer ample room and comfort in their cabins. They also ride higher than conventional cars, but not quite as high as heavy-duty 4×4 vehicles, the emphasis being firmly on on-road handling and comfort. As a result, these vehicles are sensible people carriers, but able to take on rougher roads than normal cars when necessary, yet ideal for daily use, unlike a heavy-duty 4×4. Today, we will look at Landwind’s range of SUVs that are for sale at affordable prices in South Africa.

The Landwind 5 SUV

The ideal sports utility vehicle sits fairly high off the ground to cope with different types of terrain and the interior and boot offers enough space for the whole family to come along on holiday, plus all their paraphernalia. The engine should offer enough power and torque for effortless overtaking and towing. The combination of these elements delivers a practical, attractive vehicle that offers versatility and comfort in equal measure. Landwind offers three SUV models for sale. These include 6-speed manual Lux, 8-speed automatic Lux, and 8-speed automatic Flagship models.

The Landwind 5 SUV offers an efficient 4×2 drivetrain setup, yet with the raised ride height reminiscent of a 4×4. The engine delivers a full 140 kW and a 60-ℓ fuel tank guarantees a good range when hitting the open road. The vehicle also carries a 3-year / 100 000-km warranty, along with a 5-year / 100 000-km service plan. The car rides on attractive 17-inch aluminium-alloy wheels. With eminently reasonable, high-value pricing, the Landwind 5 offers one of the most affordable luxury SUVs for sale in South Africa. Now you can also afford an SUV as your daily driver.

Landwind has a refreshingly unconventional approach to manufacturing SUVs and our vehicles are for sale at affordable prices on the South African market. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for listed specifications on the individual models. Choose Landwind today and get a luxurious and comfortable SUV at a really good price.

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