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Today, passenger cars and SUVs are not two distinct classes of vehicle anymore, because they have merged and all the in-between derivatives with features of both are called crossovers.

Dedicated, high-riding, 4×4 SUVs have become expensive niche vehicles and most people can do without the heavy transfer gearbox and off-road ability – and they certainly don’t want to pay for these if they are not going to use them. South Africans still buy double-cab bakkies in their droves, but the problem with bakkies is that the rear of the vehicle has no seats or any other function than loading and transporting goods. With an SUV, you get a complete people carrier that has more than enough interior room for the whole family.

Luxury is important when buying a new car and if you are looking for a luxury 4×2 SUV crossover that caters for everyone, the Landwind 5 SUV is an ideal option. Bringing together a perfect blend of sports and utility, and topping it off with comfort and luxury, this vehicle has what you would expect from a large SUV – without dragging along all that heavy off-road hardware.

You have to ask yourself what you really need and what you are willing to pay for. Often, we hear drivers of SUVs say that they use their vehicles to take the kids to school, drive to work, and go on holiday, perhaps towing a caravan or trailer, and never venturing far off the beaten track. The harshest use their cars are subjected to is usually the dirt road to the lodge. A luxury 4×2 crossover SUV is ideal for this job. You feel like you are driving a car, but you sit higher and can traverse poor roads where cars cannot go. The Landwind 5 luxury SUV has all of this, and much more.

The boot, for example, features a power outlet to keep mobile devices charged and ready to go. Every Landwind 5 is fitted with 17-inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning, electric windows, remote-controlled central locking, and a single-disc CD player / MP3 player / radio with AUX port. The fuel tank takes 60 ℓ, the boot is huge, and it has ample clearance for the worst roads.

If you want an affordable luxury SUV that delivers comfort for the entire family, the Landwind 5 SUV is the perfect choice. This vehicle is available with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission to fit your driving style. Please contact us for more info on one of the most underrated luxury SUVs on the market.

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