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How to Choose An SUV

How to Choose An SUV

So, you’ve decided that the family car is no longer up to the job of hauling the brood off to holiday anymore because you have started to discover that some of the most memorable hidden gems for a breakaway are on the other end of a dirt road.

You need something higher off the ground than an ordinary car, like an SUV. But there are so many on the market today and what is all this talk about crossovers nowadays? Is a crossover SUV any good and how do you choose the one that is right for you?


The Joys of Crossing Over

How to choose an SUV that suits your needs will depend on what you are going to use it for. If you want serious bundu-bashing ability, you need something with a 4×4 transfer case and low range. These vehicles are big, heavy, and – above all – expensive. You have to be realistic about whether you are going to use those features. If you need to traverse nothing more than a bad dirt road, you should consider a 4×2 crossover SUV instead. But what is a crossover? It is a vehicle that straddles two classes; in this case, a vehicle with most of the best attributes of a normal car and most of those of an SUV.

The Landwind 5 is such a car. It looks like an SUV, has ample ground clearance, and certainly offers a spacious interior, just like a good SUV should, but it foregoes the heavy – and often unnecessary – 4×4 drivetrain. It is, therefore, lighter and handles better than if it had to cart around all that extra weight – and not to mention more economical. Best of all, its 190-mm ground clearance will have you see off that terrible dirt road that would be a no-go for the family saloon. How to choose an SUV just became a whole lot easier.


Three Models

There are three Landwind 5 models to choose from, all powered by the same 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine with 140 kW and 250 N.m. The Lux model is available with a 6-speed manual gearbox or an advanced 8-speed automatic; the Flagship is offered with the latter transmission only. All models are 2-wheel drive and have fully independent suspension, park-distance control, a power outlet in the boot, dual airbags, and ABS brakes. They are covered by 3-year/100 000-km warranty, 5-year/100 000-km service plan, and 24-hour roadside assistance To these features, the Flagship adds leather trim, side airbags, electronic stability programme, powered front seats, a sunroof, and cruise control.

How to choose an SUV is simple: Landwind 5. It offers everything in one package – at a surprisingly affordable price.

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