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SUV with Full Traction Control

Do You Need 4×4 or Is An SUV with Full Traction Control Enough?

Many people think that they need all-wheel drive in their lifestyle vehicle while, in fact, a 4×2 SUV with full traction control is more sensible. Why, you may ask. Isn’t having the whole hog of features, including 4×4, low range, and great ground clearance preferable?

What if you need those features? Well, yes, if you can legitimately claim that you are going to wade through a muddy bog or drive up the side of an extinct volcano, you might very well need all the heavy-duty off-road gubbins but what if, like so many people, you traverse bad dirt roads at most and you find that it is almost never necessary to engage the 4-wheel-drive system? Well, in that case, a 4×2 SUV with full traction control is all you’ll ever need.

Besides, more is not always better. You might think that having all the hardware “just in case” is always better, but it’s not. There are several disadvantages to going the full 4×4 route, as opposed to a properly engineered 4×2 system with traction control. For one, there is the extra cost – all-wheel-derivatives of popular SUVs are always significantly more expensive than their 2-wheel-drive stablemates. And then there is the weight. All those driveshafts, transfer cases, and differentials weigh a lot and affect your vehicle’s performance and economy negatively in equal measure.


The Answer: A Luxurious Crossover SUV

If you’ve been nodding your head in agreement, Landwind has the answer with the Landwind 5, a 4×2 crossover SUV with full traction control. Now you can have your cake and eat it because the Landwind 5 has more of what you need and less of what you don’t. Not having to drag along the heavy 4×4 gear leaves you with a lighter vehicle. Even the heaviest derivative weighs in at only 1620 kg – excellent for a spacious SUV. So, the 140-kW, turbocharged, 2-litre petrol engine has an easy time moving you along with gusto, thanks to a slick 8-speed automatic gearbox standard on the Flagship model.

And the Flagship is the one you want if you want to go off the beaten track occasionally because it is fitted with electronic stability programme and full traction control to make the most of the available grip when you’re traversing that slippery dirt road at night on the way to the lodge. Besides that, leather trim, a sunroof, cruise control, a multi-function steering wheel, and electrically folding rear-view mirrors are also standard on this model.

Once you’ve realised that a good 4×2 crossover SUV with full traction control is all you need, book a test drive in the Landwind 5 Flagship.

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