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Crossover Cars the New Holy Grail of Family Transport


SUVs might be very popular vehicles, but the traditional SUV with its heavy 4×4 system, dual-range transmission, and other specialised, off-road gubbins are just unnecessarily complicated, heavy, and expensive.

This has led to the development of the modern breed of crossover cars that eschews all the needless off-road stuff and leaves you with an SUV that has the advantages you want and need of a traditional SUV with hardly any of the disadvantages. The best of all is that, because of the sensible configuration of features, it is also not nearly as prohibitively expensive as the all-out off-road models.


What Is It?


So, what exactly are these crossover cars and are they any better than normal passenger cars? In the case of the Landwind 5, what you get is basically a full-size, 5-seater SUV on smart 17-inch alloy wheels sporting properly chunky, high-profile tyres and a generous ground clearance of 190 mm. Proper credentials that you’d expect from an SUV, then. What you don’t get is the weight and complication of an all-wheel-drive system, which is why even the fully equipped Flagship 8-speed automatic Landwind 5 weighs only 1620 kg – with all the associated benefits in terms of performance and economy that go with a lower kerb weight.


The Flagship is perfect for even the worst dirt road thanks to its advanced traction control, ABS brakes with EBD, electronic stability control, and excellent approach (23 degrees) and departure (25 degrees) angles. Unless you want to do serious off-road clambering, the competent 4×2 systems fitted to crossover cars like the Landwind 5 is more than you will ever need. Power is provided by a refined 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine with 140 kW and 250 N.m – the torque figure available from a lowly 2800 rpm all the way to 4400 r/min. This provides all the low-rev torque and snappy overtaking punch you need.


All the Features


Besides all the features already mentioned, the Flagship also comes as standard with leather upholstery (and power adjustment for the front seats), a leather-bound multi-function steering wheel, air-conditioning, an electric sunroof, a CD/MP3/Aux audio system with six speakers, cruise control, electrically folding rear-view mirrors, four airbags, and a huge 855-litre boot. Optionally available is an interactive touch screen with GPS, Bluetooth, and rear-view camera.


Save the money and fuel you would have wasted buying and filling up a 4×4 and opt for one of the advanced new crossover cars like the Landwind 5. It really offers everything that you want from an SUV without weighing you down or breaking the bank. Now everyone can travel more!


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