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SUVs in South Africa

Affordable Luxury SUVs in South Africa


There is certainly no shortage of SUVs in South Africa today, ranging from the smallest little hatchback-based crossovers to the biggest, bundu-bashing 4×4 7-seaters made to conquer continents off-road. But what if you are not at one of these extremes and all you want is a comfortable 5-seat SUV with a suitably elevated driving position and sports-utility styling?

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Luxury Crossover SUV for Sale

The Best Luxury Crossover SUV for Sale in South Africa?


Yes, every manufacturer probably thinks that they sell the best vehicle, but what does “best” mean, anyway? To get the best of anything would cost far more than normal people can afford and would you take that R2-million luxury SUV onto a gravel road at all? Probably not.

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Family SUV

You Can Get Luxury and Value in the Same Family SUV


The family SUV has a lot going for it. In many ways, it is the perfect vehicle. Enough space for five people to stretch out in, a large, 855-litre boot to swallow all their luggage, 190 mm of ground clearance to clear those middelmannetjies en route to the Bushveld lodge and more than enough luxuries to keep the trip to your destination comfortable and enjoyable.

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Crossover Cars

Crossover Cars the New Holy Grail of Family Transport


SUVs might be very popular vehicles, but the traditional SUV with its heavy 4×4 system, dual-range transmission, and other specialised, off-road gubbins are just unnecessarily complicated, heavy, and expensive.

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Affordable SUV for Sale

The Luxurious Yet Affordable SUV for Sale from Landwind: The Landwind 5


SUVs can be very expensive. Many of them carry the baggage of often-unnecessary 4×4 drivetrains, superfluous equipment, and premium branding that inflate their prices way beyond what the average South African motorist can afford.

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Affordable SUV South Africa

A Modern New Affordable SUV in South Africa Offers Unbeatable Value


All most people in South Africa want nowadays is an affordable SUV, but they just seem to be so expensive, don’t they? What if you want the expected comfort, safety, and security features but without the heavy all-wheel-drive systems and premium badging that only serve to drive up the price? Is there an affordable SUV in South Africa that does not leave you feeling short-changed? Yes, there is.

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SUV with Full Traction Control

Do You Need 4×4 or Is An SUV with Full Traction Control Enough?

Many people think that they need all-wheel drive in their lifestyle vehicle while, in fact, a 4×2 SUV with full traction control is more sensible. Why, you may ask. Isn’t having the whole hog of features, including 4×4, low range, and great ground clearance preferable?

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How to Choose An SUV

How to Choose An SUV

So, you’ve decided that the family car is no longer up to the job of hauling the brood off to holiday anymore because you have started to discover that some of the most memorable hidden gems for a breakaway are on the other end of a dirt road.

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Automatic SUV for Sale

Arguably the Best All-Rounder Manual and Automatic SUV for Sale Today

What do you want in an SUV? There was once a time when an SUV was a hulking, heavy-duty 4×4 with a transfer case and dual-range transmission to transport passengers well beyond where the roads end.

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