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SUV with Full Traction Control

Do You Need 4×4 or Is An SUV with Full Traction Control Enough?

Many people think that they need all-wheel drive in their lifestyle vehicle while, in fact, a 4×2 SUV with full traction control is more sensible. Why, you may ask. Isn’t having the whole hog of features, including 4×4, low range, and great ground clearance preferable?

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How to Choose An SUV

How to Choose An SUV

So, you’ve decided that the family car is no longer up to the job of hauling the brood off to holiday anymore because you have started to discover that some of the most memorable hidden gems for a breakaway are on the other end of a dirt road.

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Automatic SUV for Sale

Arguably the Best All-Rounder Manual and Automatic SUV for Sale Today

What do you want in an SUV? There was once a time when an SUV was a hulking, heavy-duty 4×4 with a transfer case and dual-range transmission to transport passengers well beyond where the roads end.

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Luxury SUVs

Luxury, Comfort, and Enjoyment

Today, passenger cars and SUVs are not two distinct classes of vehicle anymore, because they have merged and all the in-between derivatives with features of both are called crossovers.

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SUV for Sale

The Range of SUVs We Offer for Sale

If you are interested to buy a sports utility vehicle (SUV), certain factors will play a decisive role in your choice. The first consideration is obviously whether you are looking at a new vehicle or a used one. SUVs are no longer exclusively large and expensive; there are models for sale nowadays at all size and price points. Their reason for being have one thing in common though – they must offer better ground clearance than a car and be able to traverse bad dirt roads, because this is what the market demands. A 4×4 transmission is unnecessary in the vast majority of cases, only adding weight and blunting performance.

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Luxury SUV

Landwind’s Luxury SUV Explored

SUV and crossover vehicles have grown in popularity in South Africa. A double-cab bakkie is just too agricultural for some people who yearn for decent ground clearance but also car-like luxury and comfort. Hence the birth of the crossover luxury SUV with performance and handling comparable to a car and a 4×2 drivetrain, but all the ground clearance and space of an SUV. Such luxury SUVs can handle dirt-road driving and serve as spacious people carriers too. It makes logical sense to own such a vehicle in a country like South Africa.

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Buy an SUV in South Africa

Buying the Right SUV in South Africa

If you are looking to buy an SUV in South Africa, the first step is choosing the manufacturer. Unfortunately, most of the established manufacturers’ SUV options are expensive and offer unnecessary features that you pay a lot for. With SUVs becoming the popular choice for daily people carriers, a need arose for an affordable option, seeing that these vehicles in most cases no longer require all those complicated off-road features that make them so expensive.

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Landwind SUV

The Exciting New Landwind 5 SUV

A sports utility vehicle, or SUV for short, is designed to bring the places normal cars cannot go to within your reach. The 4×2 SUV is a very popular vehicle type in South Africa because it offers more ground clearance than a car, so you can venture onto bad gravel roads, but without dragging along an unnecessary and heavy 4×4 drivetrain. Most people driving these vehicles use them as daily people carriers for their children and for carpooling. If you need an SUV that is affordable and luxurious, the Landwind 5 SUV is an ideal choice for you.

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