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Celebrity Drive with Lizette Khan

Lizette Khan- Sports Fanatic, Presenter and part of Radio 2000’s dynamic afternoon drive team, has
been chosen to steer at the wheel for the three month celebrity drive with the Landwind SUV.
Apart from Lizette being a well-known personality and successful women with a craze for the outdoors,
she is also a devoted mother- fitting the profile for the Landwind.

With its sleek lines and stylish design, not to mention extreme space, it is the perfect vehicle for moms
with a need to fit in with today’s hustle and bustle. Transporting anything from school bags to gym
equipment and squeezing the shopping bags after a work day’s rush, the Landwind will certainly not
Sponsoring the Car Loving Thursdays was a creative edge brought to the table to complete this three
month circle, not only is Lizette part of this incredible team, but Vuyi Mpofu- the best driver in heels sits
in the presentation seat- a perfect combination. Listeners of Radio 2000 enjoy adult contemporary
music, but want to be informed. They tune into Car Loving Thursdays for their weekly dose of
information and the latest trends on the automotive market. They constantly want to improve their
lives. Featuring on Radio 2000, JMC aims to increase brand awareness, and educate them to the brand.
Should they face the choice of upgrading to an affordable SUV, they need not look further than our
brand. What better platform to market our Landwind on?
At R 249 880 the Landwind is sure to become a dominant force on the road, reaching a maximum of
185km per hour with little effort, but satisfaction does not just lie in the price, as a 5 YR/ 100 000 Km
SERVICE PLAN is thrown in with the offer and aimed at the female market, quality, speed, safety and
performance need to come at an affordable price fitting each ladies’ pocket.

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